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Web HostingWhether you are looking to host a small business website or an ecommerce and corporate websites, HOST100 shared hosting is the perfect solution. With cutting edge web hosting packages designed to meet all levels of hosting requirement ...Read more

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Web Design & DevelopmentWhen choosing a web design company, the most important feature is design. Here at Index eBusiness we employ web designers and graphic designers who work together to produce amazing web designs that are technically sound, using some of the latest web design disciplines ...Read more

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Noticed an increase in spam?

Symantec have come up with this graphic to detail the true scale. Here is the original image: http://images.mktgassets.symantec.com/Web/Symantec/%7B7924abaa-d3c7-4ead-b920-0044f56e1757%7D_Dridex-all-in-one-infographic.png If you have noticed a massive incr ...

Goodbye IPv4, Hello IPv6…

With the explosion in the number of Internet-connected devices, the IPv4 address space used to identify networked devices has been quickly running out, making the transition to IPv6, which provides additional address space, inevitable. This week, the Amer ...

Spammers taking it to the next level!

Good afternoon! A client of ours has recently received a very convincing spam email, appearing to be from a colleague asking if they had seen the file mentioned in the subject. Seen this before? I’m sure you have. The difference with this case is tha ...


Index eBusiness have proved themselves to be a valuable asset to our business. Their adaptable, flexible approach has been invaluable to us we have grown over the years. We have used a variety of their services including IT support, web hosting and LeavePlanner holiday planner, and have always found them to be helpful, professional and knowledgeable with quick response times and creative solutions to problems.

Kat Horsley Operations Director - Easy As HGV Ltd

Index eBusiness has worked with Atlantic Foods Group for over 14 years, helping us to build our business by providing consistent and valued IT support. They are always there when we need them and their pleasant, pro-active approach to our issues and understanding of our business and its needs has resulted in a sound relationship which we hope will continue for many years to come.

Carolyn Robinson, Group Finance Director Atlantic Foods Group Limited