About Index eBusiness

Index eBusiness Ltd is part of the Index Group of companies, a wholly owned private limited company that has traded for over 32 years and under the current owners for the last 14. We provide a comprehensive range of services including IT Support Services, Website Design, Website Developtment and vast array of Hosting services through our sister company HOST100 including Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Server Co-Location, Global Domain name and e-mail services to the SME market.

Index eBusiness has successfully grown year on year, and has a culture of retaining profits within the company, resulting in an extremely strong balance sheet. Being in the enviable position of financial independence, Index can and do accept multiple contracts from both the M.o.D., and large Blue Chip Companies without damage to cash flow, profitability or balance sheet.

The policy of retaining profits has allowed Index eBusiness the financial flexibility of instituting an on-going planned program of investment, and expansion. As a result, Index eBusiness is now able to offer the highest level of service and support to its clients, using the most up to date technology and continually training staff in the latest innovations and programs.

Our Business Philosophy

At Index eBusiness our service and support philosophy is based on the development of mutually beneficial partnerships. Our aim is to forge solid long term relationships, within which, both organisations move away from the simplistic “demand and supply” scenario, and move towards modern, forward thinking partnerships.

“We fully understand and believe that in order for us to succeed our clients must succeed first.”

The Staff at Index

Index eBusiness operates a policy of always promoting from within. This we feel helps give our team great depth and breadth of industry experience, client knowledge and a continuity which is highly unusual in the industry. Index eBusiness invests in extensive training for its staff, i.e. specific single topic short courses; these are run both in-house and by specialist training companies.

“Here today, Here tomorrow”

One of our real strengths is the quality and length of service of our employees. Many have been employed by Index for in excess of eight years. Each employee is fully committed to delivering the highest level of service and support to our clients. They come from diverse backgrounds and all bring new perspective and ideas to the company. This wealth of experience has strengthened our group tremendously and in turn our present and future clients.


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