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About LeavePlanner

Now in its 4th release and using Microsoft technology as its base, the latest version of our staff holiday planner and absence management tool is more user friendly and feature rich than ever.  LeavePlanner was originally released in December 2002 after first being developed as an internal staff holiday planner. Now in 2013-14 it has been refined from the ground up and now contains many more advanced features whilst improving on the simplicity to use.

How can LeavePlanner help my company?

LeavePlanner is an online staff holiday planner and absence management solution. It replaces your current system for managing the entire process of requesting, authorising and tracking all types of leave. Whether it be changing holiday allowances, complicated staff rotas or the need to track and report historical leave data – LeavePlanner can handle it! Plus the system is designed to be so intuitive that no training is required for your employees! To find out more and request a free trial, head over to LeavePlanner.com

LeavePlanner holiday planner and absence management

LeavePlanner holiday planner and absence management

Stability is key to a consistently improving service

The original LeavePlanner development and support team are still in place today, continuing to support and develop LeavePlanner on a daily basis.  This continuity and experience is invaluable to both our new and our existing customers, and we are very proud to still have our very first customers still with us today!

Much of the evolution of LeavePlanner has been customer driven with many feature requests and improvements suggested by our users being incorporated into each new release.

For more details about LeavePlanner, please visit the LeavePlanner website – where you can see the benefits and request a free trial.

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