Servoyant Network Analysis

Servoyant unifies network management, monitoring, automation and reporting into a single cloud based SAAS platform

What is Servoyant?

Servoyant is one of the industry’s broadest and most capable network management platforms, unifying monitoring, management, automation, and reporting across accounts, device groups, device types, and applications. From a single console you can take care of just about anything with an IP address on it. Designed for service providers, vendors, and any IT organization with too much to do and not enough time to do it, Servoyant can become the extra “employees” you need and help you:

  • Reduce network and system management costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Enhance Security

With rapid deployment and customizable configurations, Servoyant unifies disparate network support tools into a single platform. Offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) or an appliance, the Servoyant solution can coexist on existing equipment, and dedicated hardware is not required.

Network Reporting

Our unified platform centralizes information about your network and integrates seamlessly, giving you unmatched alert, analysis and reporting capabilites.

Network Monitoring

Monitor network devices in remotely in real-time, utilizing any of the 300+ unique test methods included with Servoyant.

Network Management

Centralize your network management operations and minimize support needs.

Network Automation

Servoyant’s powerful network automation tools put you in control. Remotely automate network maintenance tasks that are traditionally performed manually.

Network Analysis

Alerts and Reporting Servoyant keeps you informed and aware before things go wrong.

  • Advanced and Statistical Alerting for Anomalous Network Behaviour

  • Network Trend Analysis and Historical Reports

  • Centralized Knowledgebase

  • Dashboard Views – Customizable, Statistical, Aggregate

  • Reporting – Executive, Historical, Trend Analysis

Why Servoyant?

  • Reduce costs, save money and company resources, reduce expenses
  • Less IT resources/manpower needed to do a better job
  • Maximize current network systems assets
  • Minimize network and employee downtime
  • Servoyant is a low-cost solution
  • Clock representing a rapid setup
  • Easy, Rapid Setup and Deployment
  • Tests and alerts are automatically provisioned

Manage and monitor an entire network in minutes. With a quick signup process, provisioning templates and automated network device discovery, administrators can manage and monitor an entire network within minutes.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Less downtime for your employees means more work gets done. Servoyant minimizes downtime by ensuring software and updates are optimally deployed at all times. Less downtime means less interruptions for local and remote users, and minimizes the need for IT resources to troubleshoot and solve these issues.

Improve Network Efficiency

Proactively keep networks healthy in order to minimize outages.

Enhance Network Security

Ensure network systems always have the highest level of protection from intrusion Servoyant monitors Windows firewall and antivirus products (e.g. Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, AVG, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials, Vipre, and others…) to make sure they are enabled and up-to-date. Alerts and notifications occur when threats are detected.


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