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We are a specialist web design and internet marketing company that excel in great web design, development, optimisation (seo), marketing and bespoke functionality.

Web Design company based in Fleet, servicing Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, London.

When choosing a web design company, the most important feature is design. Here at Index eBusiness we employ web designers and graphic designers who work together to produce amazing web designs that are technically sound, using some of the latest web design disciplines such as:

  • Web Design – we provide W3C compliant XHTML & CSS coding, and a keen focus on website usability.
  • Functionality – Bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) and the use of Open Source systems; WordPress, mojoPortal, Joomla, Drupal.
  • Marketing – An understanding of your online objectives and existing marketing concepts.
  • Website Optimisation – Up to date criteria of SEO (Search engine optimisation), and maintenance of search engine rankings.

We are web design specialists based in Fleet Hampshire, and can help you with all your website design needs. We can arrange meetings, train users, and will be at the end of a local rate number whenever you need us.

For a quote for web design or for further information, please give us a call on 01252 636060

Why Web Design is important

Getting a business website nowadays is essential, whether it is large or small. Many of the benefits associated with having a website are not always obvious until the website is up and running!

We have built a solid reputation as a website design company, consistently producing web sites
that are visually appealing and technically excellent, while being affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

Our clients range from small local businesses to international corporations. The focus of our team is to design great websites that work for our clients and achieves your brief.

The design and usability of a web site is critical. Often it is the first time that a potential client has seen or even heard of your business or service so a good first impression is a must. That first impression in this case through the website must reflect the strengths and ideals of your company.

To get that great first impression, you must leverage the power of the Internet to improve customer service and profits. To do this, take advantage of the team we have assembled. We can design websites from, a basic and effective corporate presence site, through to a bespoke website design tailored to your specific requirements. We will assign a project manager with extensive web design experience to manage your project from beginning to end.

Web Design History

Web design has come a long way since the very first web site back in the 1990’s. Like the very first websites, most sites are presented in a computer language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). HTML is currently in its 4th revision, with the next major release, HTML 5 currently being rolled out. HTML 4 has been in the core programming language of the internet for nearly 10 years. Ever since the original invention of HTML, the Internet boom has created hundreds if not thousands of other programming languages, software and mediums that are used in collaboration to produce modern, attractive and dynamic web sites.

Web Site Accessibility

A very important step in web design, is Accessibility and Usability. Modern Internet Browsers (Such are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) and web site programming languages allow web sites to be constructed to allow users to:

Increase the font size on your web site.
Narrate the text on your web site.
Navigate around the site with Back & Forward buttons.

Whilst the above points should be taken for granted when you choose a web design company, the unfortunate fact is that you can’t. Ensure that accessibility and ‘Cross Platform’ support is a key objective of your chosen web designers.

Web Design Compliance & Standards

W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) is the primary governing body for the web. W3C set out guidelines and offer verification tools to ensure that your web-site is built using Industry Standard coding. The W3C also govern a variety of other coding languages such as XML, SOAP and SSML to name a few. Web Designers who follow the guidelines set out by the W3C can expect their websites to benefit from:

  • Better Search Engine Rankings – your position in search engines will be better
  • Better Universal Browser Compatibility – every web browser should be able to read your site
  • Better collaboration between other web designers and developers – if you choose to move on, its a standards based website design that other website developers will understand

The 2 main W3C standards that we practice are XHTML and CSS. Click here to see if your web site has been constructed to the coding guidelines set out by the W3C or click here to verify this page that you are viewing.

Open Source and 3rd Party Web Design Software

Index eBusiness utilise a number of Open Source & 3rd party web design software tools. Open Source is essentially software that is developed by large teams of people over the internet, and is distributed freely. Open Source software covers web design applications including blogging software, Content Management Systems and e-commerce software.

Index eBusiness specialise in the following open source website CMS software:

  • WordPress – Originally a blog CMS, it has now evolved into the market leading content management system. It is highly customisable and there are over 32,000 plugins (at the time of writing), and counting!
  • mojoPortal – Content Management system based on trusted Microsoft technology!
  • nopCommerce – Enterprise level e-commerce with a multitude of features. This Open Source shopping cart system is perfect for small and large shopping websites.

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