mojoPortal – Advanced Websites Made Easy

Why We Love mojoPortal

Here at Index eBusiness we are huge fans of the mojoPortal CMS (Content Management System) and what it can offer our Clients.

Whenever we get the opportunity to suggest a CMS to a potential client, we only ever choose mojoPortal with good reason!
It’s easy to learn!


Client’s generally want us to design and develop their website and then once the website goes live they want to take control of any new content that needs to be added. Ading new pages, changing the menu structure or simply adding content should not require a massive learning curve for any new client. With mojoPortal we are able to give the client a thorough run through on how to do these simple tasks in around 10 minutes, now thats simple!
Its Written In C#.NET!

One of the reasons we first chose mojoPortal was because it’s written in C#.NET which is the primary language we use across all of our products. It’s extremely secure, well supported and highly maintained. Everything you should look for when entrusting your online presence to a CMS.
Because Joe Cares!

For those of you that don’t know who Joe Audette is, he is the primary developer repsonsible for mojoPortal and no one devotes more of their time to keeping mojoPortal running smoothly than he does. One of the major drawbacks in using a massive open source CMS system like Joomla or Drupal is that no one is looking at the “whole picture” and bugs can very quickly creep into the source code affecting the whole system. In the 5 years that we have been producing mojoPortal websites we have never had to perform an emergency update to combat a security flaw, the same cannot be said about Joomla or Drupal!
mojoPortal Uses Industry Standard Features

mojoPortal uses TinyMCE editor as standard which means end users can easily update their content as easily as using word. mojoPortal also has lots of features built-in such as the AjaxToolkit, jQuery, google maps and bing maps so creating modern websites is a breeze.
mojoPortal Can Look Stunning

With the right mojoPortal developer you can get some stunning results, check our our portfolio for samples of mojoPortal sites we have recently developed or contact us now to discuss.

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