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You’ve taken the first steps and have built the best website you can, but what’s the point if no one can find you?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are not for everyone – in some cases, your website has been designed for customers to view documentation or similar, and a need to drive new clients to you is not needed. But in many cases your website has been designed as a point of sale, and traffic is a must, or maybe you wish to raise your brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization HampshireIn these cases, an on-going SEO strategy can be a valuable investment. With every site designed by Index eBusiness, we stick to a certain set of rules for basic SEO, however, because of the long term process of search engine optimisation, it can be a time consuming and ongoing process we need to spend time on viewing logs of your visitors, keyword rankings and competition to make changes accordingly. This process needs to be repeated on a monthly basis to make sure your still getting the best from your website.

After analysing your site, looking at your competitors and the most effective keywords for you to target, we will advise you on all the changes your site needs and how long it will take. This varys on industry and competition for particular keywords that we feel will benefit your business. It helps if you have in mind some clear goals outlining what you wish to achieve as part of the search optimisation process.
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Usually, optimising your website for local traffic can be the key to success. For instance, if you’re selling furniture in Basingstoke, trying to optimise for the keyword furniture for sale will be a very expensive, drawn out process. but optimising for Furniture for sale in Basingstoke will be a much easier task and a much greater return on investment. You may only have a few local competitors and you will attract local custom, where as for the generic term Furniture for sale you would be competing with the world!

Index eBusiness is based in Fleet, Hampshire and can help you with all your IT needs. We can arrange meetings, train users, and be at the end of a local rate number whenever you need us.

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