What is different about HOST100 Web Hosting?

Finally an honest web hosting provider. UK based and built on principles of honesty, dependability and service excellence.

HOST100 is different. We don’t promise ‘unlimited plans’ that are actually hindered by hidden limitations. Instead, you are only responsible for paying for the resources you need. Whether you are just starting your own blog, or you’re running your own powerful e-commerce site, we have a web hosting plan perfect for you.

Why are we different at HOST100?

In a world full of web hosting companies offering unlimited disk space for only a few pounds a month, we strive to be different. We have experienced the service you get from the cheapest providers and we are passionate about providing a better service. With HOST100 you get what you pay for; reliability, quality, and excellent service at an affordable price. The majority of our clients join us as the word of mouth spreads, if you don’t want the hassle of the cheaper web hosting companies – why not join the HOST100 family and see for yourself; things are different here.

Why you should avoid ‘unlimited space’ and ‘unlimited bandwidth’ plans

These terms are just savvy marketing slogans, designed to convince you that you are getting the better deal and the freedom of unlimited space. Our competitors offering these plans expecting that the majority of their clients won’t use that much space or bandwidth. To keep their costs down they load as many customers as possible onto their servers, should someone then decide to utilize their ‘unlimited space’ or ‘unlimited bandwidth’ it would then cause the whole server to perform poorly. To stop this, the ‘unlimited’ web hosting company will reserve the right to charge the customers and even deny service for exceeding a ‘fair usage policy’ which means after all those promises – there is a limit, it’s just hidden and you can incurr charges if you are unlucky enough to find out.

Our Web Hosting Servers aren’t overloaded

With other web hosting companies, they will continue to on add new customers the server to maximise their profits. Your site will begin to respond slower and slower until it crawls at a near standstill, or even worse, stops responding at all. Even if you don’t notice it at first, your site will still be cramped on a server that is being overworked because of the number of sites it holds. Our servers are maintained by experienced professionals and we ensure that the servers have enough resources to deal with the number of web sites and rathen than overcrowd any of our servers, we simply set up another one and ensure that every one of our customers get what they are paying for.


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HOST100 was founded in 2001 with a simple philosophy in mind: to provide the best quality service and support to customers at a fair price. Since then, we have refined our mission to provide exceptional service, not just hosting.

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Probably the best beer web hosting company in the world. Host100 don’t make beer, but if they did Danish brewing companies would probably be looking over their shoulders. Host100 have provided our web hosting solutions since 2001, from the first website to our 6th server, we’ve always received outstanding support and customer service. Trusting a company to host your own website is one thing, but you have to have 100% confidence to trust a company to host your own clients sites. Host100 have never failed us in 13 years.

Rob Tucker
TC Communications